You can record the renovation backlog in a structured, clear, transparent and comprehensible way. During the on-site visit, Gebäudecheck calculates the estimated reorganization effort






We record the renovation costs of buildings intuitively and in real time.

PLAN4 building check is THE software for the mobile condition assessment of existing real estate. We record with only one software the rehabilitation backlog structured, clear, transparent and comprehensible. Plan4 building check revolutionizes inventory management for the construction and real estate industry


Building check automatically determines the masses required for your cost estimate as far as possible and uses the stored service descriptions and cost information. From now on, you can record the renovation backlog of a building in a structured, clear, transparent and comprehensible manner - so that you and your client can make the right decisions at an early stage! The result is digital documentation of the structural condition of a property.

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Wir digitalisieren die Renovierung von Gebäuden - vom Erwerb bis zur Fertigstellung
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