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Our Printers use high definition cameras in combination with Artificial intelligence in order to monitor the 3D-Printing process. Together with our novel 3D-Print removal mechanism the printer is capable of producing high quality parts in series.

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We have developed the worlds first smart and fully automated 3D-Printing production system. Our Printers are capable of delivering high numbers of parts, fully automated and with guaranteed quality.


Our 3D-Printers are build for serial production of high quality parts and products. A high level of automation, like automatic printer calibration or ejection of finished parts, substantially increase the productivity while decreasing labor cost at the same time. Our Printers are equipped with a smart quality monitoring system that checks every layer as it is beieng printed. This ensures flawless parts with high tolerances and dimensional accuracy. No matter if one or one thousand parts.

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We offer smart 3D-Printers that are capable of delivering large numbers of parts, fully automatic and with reliable quality.
  • 2020
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