PRIOjet Logistics


PRIOjet Logistics is with his operating system for time critical logistics the trusted partner for companies, logistics agencies, logistics and customs service providers, and on-board couriers (OBC).

Automobil, Logistik & Mobilität





Spare parts for a machine or an aeroplane, documents to be transported immediately and securely, essential production facilities... These all require immediate implementation and urgent transportation services that can be unpredictable. PRIOjet Logistics is the platform and operating system for the initiation, processing and billing of emergency and time-critical logistics orders.


independent partner for the industry

intelligent IT

data protection on new standards for this part of business

speed and transparency

PRIOjet Logistics Team Members

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PRIOjet Logistics

PRIOjet Logistics ist das Betriebssystem für zeitkritische Logistik.
  • 2019
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • PRIOjet Logistics soon GmbH
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  • Hamburg, DE