Privanet Securities Ltd

Privanet, eine finnische Investment-Dienstleistungsgruppe, verbindet Investoren mit Unternehmen, die auf der Suche nach Finanzierung sind.
  • 2000
  • 51-100 Mitarbeiter
  • Helsinki, FI
  • Privanet Securities Ltd Limited company

Über die Firma

Privanet Group Plc consists of Privanet Capital Markets Ltd, which specialises in capital market transactions, and Privanet Securities Ltd.

Privanet Securities Ltd’s marketplace is the leading and best known marketplace for unlisted securities in Finland. We have extensive and versatile experience in brokerage and knowledge of unlisted companies in Finland. Choosing to be listed on our marketplace the company will increase its public market value, gain a vaster ownership basis, and at the same time become better known. Despite the fact that trading of the securities is done on our marketplace, the company is still an unlisted enterprise, therefore, dividend tax benefit and such remain in place.

Privanet Securities Ltd is authorised to act as an Certified Adviser on Nasdaq First North Nordic for both equity and bond markets. We act as an Certified Adviser for Ahola Transport.

Privanet Securities Ltd has also developed spring 2016 a digital funding app called AROUND, which enables Finnish growth companies to raise funding both domestically and in the rest of Europe. Typically, funding applied through AROUND is expected to be in the EUR 1-5 million range.

AROUND is primarily designed for mobile use. In addition, it can be used with any desktop solutions.

What We Search

We are mainly looking for nordic start-ups. We are investing from our own balance sheet to companies and also organizing financing for these growth companies.

Nachrichten über Privanet Securities Ltd

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