We provide tags for most items one can lose and the technology to enable easy and save communication between the finder and the owner of an item.






Our technology allows the finder of a lost object to contact the owner via a simple phone without ever having access to any private data of the owner, including the telephone number even at a callback.

Due to a price point multiple magnitudes lower than current solutions our tag system is applicable to everything one loves which drastically increase the chances of getting an item back.


multiple magnitudes cheaper then most alternatives

easy to use wihtout hardware, apps or recharging

reduce the time consuming search in local lost and found offices to just a few minutes in most cases

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reachtag - der clevere Helfer gegen Verlust, verbindet den Finder eines verlorenen Gegenstandes mit dem anonymen Besitzer mit nichts weiter als einem einfachen Telefon und für ein paar Cents im Monat.
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