Our platform enables content based discovery beyond simple chart lists. RecTag is built, so you can connect to fans, that truly care about the hard work you put into your content. Furthermore, we want listeners to have a personal connection to their

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As podcasters, we were quite frustrated with how hard it is to be heard and find an audience who cares - and we are not the only ones. We believe there are many talented storytellers out there who simply do not get the attention they deserve. It shouldn’t take a big media house or name behind your podcast, to get on top of the charts. At the same time, we want to give all listeners and podcast enthousiast the opportunity to discover stories and people based on the actual content and not just podcast title and description. Because books shouldn’t only be judged by their cover!


- Own audio transcription technology

- Own NLP algorithm

- Open network structure (platform agnostic)

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RecTag ist Podcast-Entdeckung und darüber hinaus. Wir wollen jeden befähigen, seine Botschaft zu teilen, gehört zu werden und Geschichten zu entdecken, die er liebt.
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