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Seatrac is a software system that makes it easy to search and find seats in various facility environments (e.g. university libraries). Moreover, it generates data such as usage rates to optimize the service infrastructure of the respective facility.

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Seatrac as the digital administration system for seats in university libraries is as such not yet in any market. It is especially interesting for university libraries to know how many students are using which services at what times to generate data patterns for future optimization. Further, university libraries can maximize the learning experience journey for the student in offering him/ her a convenient way to find a seat for studying.


1) Convenient system to search & find seats (e.g. university library)

2) Optimal usage of seats (e.g. university libraries)

3) Digital adminstration of the usage of seats and certain services (e.g. university library)

4) Generation of data patterns for future optimization of service infrastructure within various facility environments

5) Applicable to various facility environments

6) IP-protected

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SEATRAC is the software system solution to optimize the administration and use of seats in various facilities such as university libraries, business lounges, and cruise liners.
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