We've built the first configurator for plug & play smart home devices. It understands the needs of a customer & provides tailor-made solutions with a set of compatible cross-branded devices based on customers' preferences, budget and home attributes.






Smartivate builds configurators(Product/solution finders) for plug and play Smarthome devices, which is an automated guided selling tool for end users.


Unlike the conventional filter systems which are currently in use, our configurator explains everything at one go. It educates the end users of various unknown categories and sub-categories which can be modified at their homes and add-ons that can be retrofitted. It is a new omni channel for online businesses to enhance their revenues and also creates an opportunity for the retailers to increase the size of the shopping cart.

Smartivate Team Members

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Smartivate baut Konfiguratoren (Produkt-/Lösungssucher) für Plug-and-Play Smarthome-Geräte, die ein automatisiertes, geführtes Verkaufstool für Endbenutzer sind.