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Providing shade while creating sun energy with a timeless design and technical possibilities that are incomparable.

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We provide the possibility to open up additional spaces to generate solar energy. And all this with unmatched design and technical possibilities that no other competitor can offer.


With each place to shade, there is a lot of sunlight. Instead of just blocking the sunpower out, like regular shading devices, Solavinea collects the sunlight and turns them into useable electricity thanks to its rotatable solar panels. The generated energy can be used to provide power for your home, tob e stored in battery cells or to be fed into the energy grid. SOLAVINEA turns your terrace into a living room. Its slender and timeless design – penned by the international renowned agency Schweizer Design Consulting – ensures that SOLAVINEA either blends in nearly every given surrounding or cuts a brilliant figure whilest freestanding. Thanks to the nearly infinite scaling and coloring possibilities, SOLAVINEA adapts perfectly to every house or terrace.

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Patio Roof with adjustable lamellas that collect solar energy
  • 2016
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