With STYNG we are building a B2B2C platform to connect tattoo fans with artists and shops. To do so, we are developing digital solutions for every part of the value chain: transactions, education, transparency, exchange and workflow optimization.

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Even tough by now almost half of millennials have at least one tattoo, the industry is still fragmented and mostly analogue. STYNG wants to change that and become the #1 global brand in this 50 B $ industry, connecting technology and lifestyle.


STYNG is one of the first professional, digital companies in a highly fragmented, but also highly attractive market. Our goal is to become the #1 global brand in this field and benefit from strong network and scaling effects by building a hybrid between technology and lifestyle brand. Since the market is still highly fragmented, this is a huge opportunity to gain advantages over competitors through consolidation. This would enable us to build the best products and do the most sophisticated research, to really shape the industry in ways, that is beneficial to every participant.

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Styng: Tattoo-Vermittler wagt sich auf den Plattform-Markt

Das Start-up setzt auf ein Segment, in dem Angebot und Nachfrage kaum digital vermittelt werden. Die Gründer wissen, dass sie einen langen Atem brauchen.

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Wir digitalisieren die boomende Tattooindustrie.