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Tacalyx researches and develops therapeutics directed against TACAs (tumour-associated carbohydrate antigens). These strongly tumor-specific structures are synthesized by cancer cells and contribute significantly to its virulence and metastasis.


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The recent synthesis of these complex structures - TACAs (tumor-associated carbohydrate antigens) - allows the production of specific antibodies that can be used for the treatment of currently unsatisfactorily treatable cancers.

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7 Mio. Euro für Berliner Start-up Tacalyx

Krebsforschung ist teuer: Ein hochkarätiges Konsortium europäischer Investoren finanziert den Start eines Biotechnologieunternehmens, das auf Forschungsergebnissen der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft aufbaut.

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Tacalyx is engaged in the development of human therapeutics.