Yacht-Management-Plattform für Boat-Club-Mitgliedschaften und Yachtsport.
  • Sport & Unterhaltung/Spiele inkl. Online
  • Seed Stage
  • SaaS
  • B2B2C
  • 2021
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Existiert
  • Brühl, DE
  • Up2Boat GmbH

Über die Firma

The age of digitalization has long since begun, which presents motor and sailing marinas with completely new technical and organizational challenges. As an expert in the operation of motor and sailing marinas, the Up2Boat team accompanies its partner marinas into the digitalized future. This future is not limited to our marina management software BCM, that would be too short-sighted for us. Our goal is to fully integrate marinas into the Internet of Things. In doing so, we are creating the "Marina of Things". Integrating many of these digitalized marinas on one platform, together with boaters and service providers is our vision we are working hard on.

In this future we want to be operator and full service provider of fully digitalized marina infrastructures. We offer the "marina as a service" of the future by providing the mooring infrastructure and operation from one source.

Über das Produkt

Our core product is currently a marina management software Up2Boat BCM, which paves the way to our real goal, a motor and sailing yacht platform. The members and customers of these marinas manage their data in our smartphone app which has its GoLive in April 2021. With this app, boaters can also reserve berths, or maintain their profile and boat data. This app is the core product of our yachting platform that brings together marinas, boaters, service providers and product suppliers.

Andreas is CEO of Up2Boat and spiritual father of the idea. As a computer scientist, IT project manager and enthusiastic water sportsman, he recognized the potential of a yachting online platform. In 2018, he met Thilo, who works as a lead developer for a large media company. Thilo was enthusiastic about the idea and started working on it in his spare time together with Andreas and his wife Sandra. At the beginning of 2020, a prototype was ready and the first two test customers were found to use our marina management software BCM productively. The practical experience gained from this was very valuable and flowed directly into the development. In September 2020 we started our first sales and marketing campaign and are continuously gaining new customers. Today, Thilo is responsible for everything related to development as CTO. Sandra, as COO, is responsible for application operations, quality assurance and customer support. Andreas is responsible for product features, strategy, marketing and sales.


Andreas Haberer Geschäftsführer
since 2021

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