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Online-Verkauf von Flugtickes auf der Basis von Crowdfunding.
  • Tourismus
  • Seed Stage
  • Plattform
  • B2C
  • 2021
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Existiert
  • Rodgau, DE
  • Vairtual UG

Über die Firma

VAIRTUAL is a new virtual Airline and digital Flight Booking portal from Frankfurt, Germany. We will enter the global aviation market as an exciting market disruptor, a love brand and we'll drive the industry into the digital distribution future. A strong, catchy brand and portal that appears to be an operating Airline but indeed operates all their flights through external Operating Carriers. Efficient, flexible, fast. Based on our core values as Sustainability, Simplicity, Sustainability and Fairness, we want to build a new flight community and invite the crowd to create their own markets. We call it #SocialCrowdflying.

Vairtual funding

Vairtual Funding

Über das Produkt

As a virtual carrier without an own AOC (“Air Operator Certificate”), VAIRTUAL does not own any aircraft fleet; an external fleet of charter airlines will operate the offered flights. This offers a maximum of flexibility in a dynamic market environment. The exciting news about this virtual airline concept is the way how they offer their flights on their portal: The crowd creates a natural demand for certain routes on specific dates through a REQUEST FLIGHT tool. Based on these requests, the VAIRTUAL Crew organizes Full Charter Wet Lease flights within a few days and hands the offer with a confirmed price proposal back to the interested passenger who can confirm and book right away. Open seats will be sold through a separate BOOK FLIGHT section. will be the only, exclusive distribution channel for the crowd.

This simple but in the same way revolutionary concept aims to build up a new relationship and crowd community from scratch with the customers, full of potential repeaters. A love brand with a truly global potential. With their new product, VAIRTUAL wants to make passengers feel like they're part of this brand and the company. VAIRTUAL is targeting B2C Leisure niche groups and niche/bucket-list destinations among others.

The flight product and Booking concept is based on the core values of simplification, transparency, fairness, quality, and sustainability.

VAIRTUAL is a new, fresh startup and virtual airline. It was founded in July 2021 as a UG company by Lukas Hofmeister and is based near Frankfurt, Germany. Lukas Hofmeister has over fourteen years of internal aviation industry expertise from various companies (Lufthansa Group, Air Canada, Icelandair and Star Alliance Gmbh). The exciting concept and brand potential has created quite a bit of attention so far. International investors as Xegasus Aviation Investments (Netherlands) and product partners such as the Wilderness International Foundation (Germany) are supporting the company’s path to get the first VAIRTUAL flights up in the air in the first quarter of 2022.


Lukas Hofmeister Geschäftsführer
since 2021

Nachrichten über Vairtual

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