vencortex ® is a single AI-powered cloud platform that optimizes your decisions for the desired outcome by providing intelligent recommendations to any business user.

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Existing solutions are failing to support business leaders of the 2020s in providing executives with the real-time insights they need to take the right actions at the right time. Their business analysts lack the tools to uncover uncertainty and the "why?" behind a company´s KPIs. But the answers are there — hidden in data and organizational knowledge.

Best-run companies from startups to top global enterprises start to realize that they need to make data the core behind every decision.

That is why we built vencortex®, a single AI-powered cloud platform that empowers businesses to make better, more precise, and continuously improving strategic decisions faster to optimize every decision for the desired outcome.


AI-powered decision augmentation with Hybrid Intelligence®

1. Integration of human insights and unstructured data

2. Real-time, cheap and accurate insights

3. Lifelong organisational learning

4. Transparent 360-degree view of the entire business

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Wir versetzen Unternehmen in die Lage, bessere, präzisere und sich ständig verbessernde strategische Entscheidungen mit unserer KI-gestützten Entscheidungsplattform zu treffen.
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