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Product / Service Summary

A low code plattform for app development with use cases: e.g. for the event area (festivals, conferences, fairs)

IT and Communications

Seed Stage

SaaS (applied IT)



With VLEK customers can build apps with drag & drop, use process control on the collected and connected data to analyze and work with it in real-time. The customer can lower cost for development and maintaining and increase user satisfaction. To use the data VLEK will provide advanced analytics to create recommendations.


High-productivity app building tool with drag&drop and CSS Code for UI richness and native mobile apps without the need to maintaining the system

Focus on real-time data analytics and AI service support

Process, workflow and data modeling to interact with different APIs and users

Core mobile services with connectors and API mediation for 3rd party Systems

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VLEK Technology UG
With VLEK you can build apps collected and connected data to analyze and use prozess controls without coding.
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