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Wellabe created a cloud-based mobile health record that is fed by medical data from the sensors of our transportable diagnostic lab. All sensors are seamlessly integrated to deliver high quality and error free data. Our algorithms interpret the health data in real time, prepare it for patients’ understanding and combine it with relevant contextual information. Patients can extend the medical record with their inputs. Additionally, wellabe creates a number of synthetic biomarkers for the patients that make it easy to trace the health state.

As a result, the essential health data is patient-centered from the very beginning. To avoid excessive demands in the interpretation of the results, the patient connects to a medical doctor right after the health checkup and real-time data assessment. Doctors can professionally diagnose the dataset and link the right therapy or follow-up, while explaining the steps to the patient. All actions taken during the consultation are documented and traceable in the app. Doctors interact with the patients app via a web interface, having extra features of a normal medical information system to maintain a patient health record.

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Wellabe’s mission is to reach and help as many people as possible to have access to health checkups, their own medical data and a personalized digital health program. Our mobile diagnostics lab measures 60 key biomarkers in a 15 minutes checkup.
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