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Weltenmacher provides training modules for the medical field all of which are based on Weltenmacher `s Scholar platform. This includes a VR dialysis training, where our intelligent Trainer guides the user through the critical dialysis procedures.


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SaaS (applied IT)



Weltenmacher combines VR and AI to train patients, nurses and medical professionals alike. Comparable to a flight simulator, HMDs and controllers allow for interaction with the surroundings and ensure an effective training. Our AI based virtual trainer uses several data points of the learner and the contents to provide an individual learning experience to every user. Thereby, we manage to lower the number of critical mistakes made and increase efficiency of the training.


Intelligent (AI) Avatar enables individual training paths shaped towards the preferences of every single user.

It autonomously trains patients and adjust the level of difficulty as needed, adapting to the skill level of the user.

Additionally, the intuitive controls for a target group 65+ allows for easy learning even at higher age and without knowledge of the technology.

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Weltenmacher GmbH
Increasing patient safety through Virtual Reality training simulations.
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