Sharing WIFI without having to read and type the WIFI password by using WIFI TOUCH.

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WIFI TOUCH is the future of establishing wifi connections. No need for long and complicated passwords any longer. The market for WIFI TOUCH is very huge as it can be used for business like bars, restaurants, discos and also at home.

With our additional benefits we can help those business partners to improve their business.


The password-forgetting-mechanism: If using WIFI TOUCH Pad for Business, the smartphone will just be connected with the WIFI during the stay. If the guest leaves and comes back any time later, he can't have access to the WIFI. He will have to come in and touch the WIFI TOUCH Pad again.

Your Business (bar, restaurant, disco, whatever..) is shown on the WIFI TOUCH Locator in the app.

When the user touches the WIFI TOUCH Pad for Business and after being connected to the WIFI he will be forwarded to an URL of the Business e.g.: The Menu, website, Instagram-channel

WIFI TOUCH Team Members

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Aufbau von WIFI-Verbindungen mit nur einer Berührung und in Zukunft keine Eingabe des WIFI-Passwortes mehr nötig.
  • 2017
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  • Stuttgart, DE