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Using drones for picture sampling, software for data processing and analysis and deep learning for creating predictive models; enabling stakeholders to optimize their maintenance cost and timeframe

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Effective and efficient inspection (time & cost) and maintenance of historical buildings and industrial plants (outdoor and indoor). Covering the whole process chain from advisory Service, aerial pictures using UAV (drone) – technology to data documentation & analysis. Mid-term I want to develop ML based forecast models for optimized approach.


Zangano's services will cover complete process chain - from consulting over data sampling to data analytics (for historical buildings)

one pair of eyes to the customer - wide range of services & plattform in the background

winner of 2019's CURPAS e.V. start-up award; CURPAS: civil use of remotly piloted aircraft systems

winner of 2018's women&work (female) innovator competition, category "business model & organization"

it's a man's world - no! I am a femal civil engineer with industrial background, a drone pilote since shortly and raised 3 kids on my own - that's it!

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Zangano offers predictive and sustainable maintenance consulting and services for both - historical buildings and industrial plants.