GetMyInvoices implements interface to bunq

GetMyInvoices: GetMyInvoices implements interface to bunq

Lübeck/Amsterdam. The invoice management software GetMyInvoices extends its connectivity to banks. The developers have now connected bunq as an import source to the software. With the interface, users of the challenger bank, which operates in Europe, can automatically forward documents to GetMyInvoices, and from there to accounting software or tax consultants – a significant value add for both the users and bunq, who can set itself even further apart from the competition with this added service.

With its seat in Amsterdam, bunq specializes in smartphone banking and offers numerous additional features that save users time and money. The options bunq Premium, Supergreen and bunq Business Supergreen are time-saving models tailored to individuals and enterprises. Through the new partnership with GetMyInvoices, the European challenger bank takes another step by providing their users with an easy option for managing finances and reducing administration costs. Users only have to download the GetMyInvoices app and connect their bunq account as an additional source – and just like that, all documents, for example scanned receipts filed in bunq accounts, are available in GetMyInvoices.

“GetMyInvoices automatically retrieves invoices and other documents from thousands of sources and makes those available in one location. From the invoice management solution, those documents can be automatically transmitted to numerous accounting solutions, tax consultants, and many other applications”, explains Björn Kahle, COO at fino, provider of GetMyInvoices.

This means that bunq users can forward all their invoices to the bookkeeping department or their tax consultant without any manual effort. Moreover, transmission to document management systems, cloud storage and other applications is also possible.

The clear advantage: documents are available wherever they are needed. As well as that, manual transmission paths are superfluous. Users save time and costs. This again means that they have additional resources for the essential matters – “a vision that unites us with bunq and has become a reality with this new interface”, says Björn Kahle.

Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of bunq, adds: “If there is a way to make life easier for our users, we’ll implement it. Every decision we make is aimed at saving users’ money, time and CO2 emission. Our partnership with GetMyInvoices delivers exactly that.”

About bunq:

bunq was founded in 2012 by Ali Niknam (1981), who managed to get the first European banking permit in over 35 years. He set out to radically change the traditional banking industry and, as its sole investor, invested €44.9m in bunq. bunq’s latest publicly available number of user deposits is €433,410,761 based on the deposits in December 2019. Throughout 2019 the total amount of user deposits doubled and is increasing every day. bunq is currently available in 30 European markets: the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Norway and Iceland.

For more information, visit https://www.bunq.com/

GetMyInvoices is a digital invoice management software that simplifies and speeds up preparatory accounting. The solution automatically retrieves invoices and other documents from thousands of sources. Those include more than 10,000 online portals, email postboxes, cloud storage- and third party solutions, as well as invoicing tools. Paper receipts can be conveniently captured with a Scan App; GetMyInvoices reads all relevant invoice information automatically. This means that all documents and invoice information are kept securely in one location. From there, they can be conveniently transferred to the tax consultant, accounting software, document management systems and other applications, all under observance of individual workflows. Users save effort and time – efficient cashflow management becomes possible.

For further information: www.getmyinvoices.com

About GetMyInvoices

GetMyInvoices ist die zentrale Rechnungsverwaltungssoftware für dein Unternehmen.
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GetMyInvoices ist die zentrale Rechnungsverwaltungssoftware für dein Unternehmen.