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Our customers can demonstrate credibly, tamper-proof and transparently that their products actually have the advertised properties (place of origin, harvest conditions, transport conditions, etc.).

Automotive, Logistics & Mobility

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With AFTS, manufacturers can prove that their products truly possess the claimed sustainability properties.

By using latest blockchain technology, information on origin, conditions of harvest, transportation routes etc. are stored and made available in a forgery-proof and transparent way.


1. Versatility: Suitable for a variety of products, not limited to one product group (such as coffee, fish or wine).

2. “Enterprise Ready”: SaaS, so simple implementation, no hosting effort, no problems with updates and the like.

3. Low costs: Use of Ethereum, an open blockchain ("public ledger"), thereby lower license costs than with a "private ledger".

4. Openness: Easy and extensive integration into ERP and CRM systems at the customer by using APIs.

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Creating blockchain based SaaS services for sustainable supply chains.
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