Blockchained Secured Update and Patch Distribution for the Internet of Things






The Internet of Things has become a reality, with tens of billions of devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2020. At the same time the number of cyber threats is continuously growing. The scale of the problem makes the need to act even more urgent. Recent cybersecurity reports figures show that digital threats are evolving fast. Unsecure unpatched products and less responsibility in the supply chained has been identified by cybersecurity authorities as one main sources of the problem. provides a blockchained secure update solution between applications parties of Internet of Things: for the embedded device controller (edge devices) and for server-side device applications in the cloud. Today unpatched vulnerabilities on IoT devices are door opener for diseases as DDoS attacks, Ransomware, Hacking and Data theft. Updating unsecure IoT systems is analogy applying medicine to sick patients. There is a growing need for continuously healing infected or unsecure devices in the Internet of Things

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Mit asvin können Hersteller Updates sicher und einfach verteilen, um IoT-Geräte sicher und gesund zu halten.