Product / Service Summary is the first intestinal flora analysis that identifies & quantifies the totality of all bacteria and provides personal recommendations, incl. nutrition plans tailored the intestinal flora.

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BIOMES has developed a DNA analysis process that can be applied to all conceivable DNA applications and can help many people to reduce a wide variety of complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome. Initially, BIOMES focuses on microbial analysis and launched the intestinal analysis in February 2018. In its first financial year, the company generated sales of over 250,000 euros.


Due to DNA analysis, is a technological quantum leap compared to classical cultivation analysis, which can only identify about 15% of all microbes. The technology behind this analysis is called Next-Generation-Sequencing and converts the biological DNA of the instine bacteria into digital DNA. BIOMES has not invented next-generation sequencing, but has developed in-house processes that enable an attractive end-consumer product. Until then, an analysis cost about 1,000 euros and was only available for research and science. With this technology, BIOMES can identify the totality of all microbes and not only 15%, like classical analysis.

The BIOMES scientists have developed a complex software pipeline to process the large amounts of digital DNA data. Using BIOMES' own knowledge database, the software interprets the individual intestinal flora profile of each customer, whereby the composition of the intestinal flora is as individual as a fingerprint. Over several years, the scientists have built up a knowledge database that combines the results of more than 6,000 scientific studies on the microbiome.

In addition to their individual intestinal flora profile, customers also receive recommendations for improving their intestinal flora. BIOMES sells probiotic dietary supplements with its own recipes. In addition, customers receive nutrition plans (1 week for free) that are tailored not only to their eating habits and lifestyle, but also to their intestinal flora, which is a revolution in nutritional consulting.

With the development of the BIOMES.seq platform, BIOMES can launch any conceivable DNA application within a short period of time. Only different content components, such as sampling or the knowledge database, have to be adapted accordingly. The next product that is already in progress is a skin flora analysis.

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BIOMES aims to be the lifelong companion for people to handle their genetic data, with the DNA-based intestinal flora analysis "" being the first product.