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We develop a highly flexible innovation platform for companies to connect customer pain points, ideas, prototype tests and innovations. We are used to model customer centric innovation processes.

Automotive, Logistics & Mobility

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Can you trace back your innovations to the initial customer pain point they are supposed to solve? Or do they occur by a mixture of management decisions, R&D pipeline and innovation departments? We connect all stakeholders and data in one platform. Thereby we enable our customer to gain 20% cost reduction and 25% higher innovation potential on the market.


Trace back innovations to the initial customer pain point.

A searchable database of all innovation related knowledge: R&D pipeline, requirements, prototype tests, customer pain points, ideas ...

Customizable innovation processes to have highest flexibility for each company.

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BlitzMinds GmbH

We develop the "Salesforce for Innovation" model your innovation processes flexibly and achieve higher market success rates.
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