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One of the easiest ways of cardiological monitoring. The integration of flexible capacitive electrodes enables you to obtain information about heart activity and the physical parameters derived from it without any additional effort.

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Capacitive electrodes enable contactless patient monitoring that was unthinkable just a few years ago. With this technology, an ECG measurement without skin contact can be carried out for the first time, even through different materials. Capacitive ECG measurement is far superior to other contactless measurement methods, such as optical pulse measurement on the wrist. Depending on the application area and requirements, measurements of heart rate in very high medical resolution, measurement of heart rate variability, respiratory rate and other derivable parameters are possible. Heart rhythm disturbances are also reliably detected. Thanks to many years of research, clinical studies and diverse application experience, we can now offer you the advantages of this technology for commercial products.

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Capical offers a technology for EKG measurement without skin contact.