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Ciara is a digital personal assistant designed to enable salespeople to have all-in-one customer conversations. The main features include personalized talk tracks, real-time objection handling, speech-to-text note-taking, & seamless CRM integrations.

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Ciara, your personal assistant, has your back. Designed for motivated salespeople, Ciara allows them to focus on what they do best - talking to customers and closing more deals. With features ranging from conversation guidance to real-time recommendations, even to CRM integrations and transcribed notes, each of Ciara’s skills enables salespeople to have all-in-one conversations. Level up your sales game. With Ciara.


Our USP is that we focus on a salesperson’s call as a whole. We don’t just give them recommendations post-call, we actually allow them to optimize their speech and complete tasks directly within the call, giving them all-in-one conversation assistance. Something else that sets us apart is our UX. It is clean, efficient, and easy-to-use, and stands out amongst typical, complex B2B software platforms.

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Frisch gegründetes Münchner Startup Ciara erhält Millionen

Das Unternehmen Ciara will Vertriebsmitarbeitern helfen, bessere Kundengespräche zu führen. Dafür gibt es ein Millionen-Investment von bekannten Geldgebern.

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Ciara: Münchener Start-up erhält Millionen-Finanzierung

UVC Partners und die Gründer von Interhyp investieren in den digitalen Vertriebsassistenten zur Verbesserung telefonischer Kundengespräche.

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Ciara is your all-in-one conversation assistant, guiding you through conversations so that you can get back to what you do best – closing deals.
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