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DC Connected Car GmbH

Die Werkstatt des Vertrauens - immer und überall zur Hand! Einfach und unkompliziert. Direkt und lokal - und doch digital.
  • Automobil, Logistik & Mobilität
  • Seed Stage
  • Plattform
  • B2B2C
  • 2020
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Existiert
  • Nersingen, DE
  • DC Connected Car GmbH

Über die Firma

DC Connected provides a digital solution for the automotive industry and in particular for diagnostic communication and service processing between vehicle owner and workshop. The company is based in Nersingen in the south of Germany. The founder is Dennis Christ, who has been able to experience everyday life in the workshop from an early age through his family's own car workshop. After some further training, which followed practical training at a large authorised dealer in Neu-Ulm, he discovered the passion to develop practical solutions for the challenges in car servicing. In order to benefit from digitalisation, as almost all industries, the founder made it his goal to implement it in the workshops. He achieved this by means of over-the-air communication between workshop and vehicle owner. Increasing road safety, saving time and optimising service are just a few of the advantages that arise for workshops and vehicle owners.

The workshop of trust - always and everywhere at hand!

Simple and uncomplicated. Direct and local - but still digital.

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Dennis Christ Founder
Bianca Christ Marketing & Sales

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