edyoucated makes your corporate learning tailor-made. Employees choose from a range of different Skills & Use Cases and our AI puts together a highly personalized learning path and anonymously records the current level of knowledge.


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We build the end-to-end platform for highly personalized upskilling of our workforce in the digital age.

edyoucated is a software platform that provides highly personalized digital upskilling programs through curated content to help employees learn, retain, and apply future skills in their everyday business. We complement personalized digital learning paths with effective coaching to achieve outstanding learning success and to guide companies into a digital future.


Where existing solutions personalize the recommendation of a course with about 30h of content, we are able to personalize curricula based on 10 min increments using mainly open-educational resources. By providing additional coaching services and a truly personalized learning experience, we are able to significantly increase learning effectiveness in terms of time spent learning and acquisition of skills.

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Pitch it! Sales2B, Edyoucated, JonnyGit, Applysia, Lemon Markets

Im fünften Startup-Radar-Podcast, einem Münster-Special, stellen wieder fünf Gründer ihre Ideen vor. Freut euch auf Sales2B, Edyoucated, JonnyGit, Applysia und Lemon Markets. Die Gründer der jeweiligen Jungunternehmen haben jeweils maximal 180 Sekunden Zeit, ihr Startup vorzustellen.

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Edyoucated: „Wir personalisieren das Lernen“ - WiWo Gründer

Im Elevator Pitch tritt heute Edyoucated an. Das Start-up baut aus frei verfügbaren Materialien einen individuellen Lehrpfad. Wie urteilt die Investorin?

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Beschleunigung der Transformation des digitalen Geschäfts durch die Entwicklung der Mitarbeiter durch personalisiertes digitales Lernen.
  • 2019
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  • Münster, DE