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As a modern platform, we offer our customers a simple solution to find a talented and professional developer. Our goal is to make IT much more easier and accessible for everyone.

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As a customer or user of programs or computers, you are confronted faster and faster with new developments and technologies. Therefore, we see here our great opportunity to make IT and programming more comprehensible. So we do not just want to be a mediation platform where jobs are processed. We think this is the key to successful growth and mutual success.


Modern, understandable and simple design.

Fair payment and fast refund / No hidden fees or monthly subscriptions.

Fast development with including the needs and wishes of our customers / developers.

Working from every location as a developer and benefiting from fast payouts.

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Enwikuna UG

Enwikuna is a modern, powerful and simple platform, which mediates IT and programming jobs between customers and developers.
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