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MiRcontrol GCT is a blood test with high sensitivity and specificity, which enables radiation-free application by detection of a tumor-specific microRNA in serum. Saving of: diagnostic OPs, adjuvant chemotherapies, unnecessary chemotherapy cycles, eg

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MiRdetect GmbH is a biotechnology company founded with the vision to revolutionize cancer diagnostics. The focus is on the development, production and distribution of in-vitro diagnostics based on molecular diagnostic methods. The first product, based on the detection of microRNA, is a blood test for the detection of testicular cancer. The high sensitivity and accuracy significantly improve the diagnosis and therapy of patients and reduce costs in the healthcare system. The platform technology developed and patented by miRdetect enables the precise and reliable detection of very small amounts of genetic material in body fluids. This robust procedure forms the basis for the development of further tests.

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MiRdetect creates innovative in vitro diagnostic kits.