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The Olmatic Power Tracking is an intelligent combination of hardware and software, combined in one product, which deals with the fully self-sufficient supply of every electrical consumers at the supply level.

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In order to fully utilize the available energy in a system compared to conventional methods, our Olmatic Power Tracking realizes dynamic and intelligent power distribution by prioritizing and regulating every energy consumers. Through this physical and platform independent distribution of existing energy we achieve up to 100% self-sufficiency.


In contrast to conventional energy management systems, it is characterized above all by the additional networking of the smart grid at supply level, which enables continuous power regulation (0-100%) and power distribution. By specifically considering all energy consumers and the platform independence of the systems, highly efficient energy sharing between different energy systems can be operated with maximum efficiency. Conventional systems are platform-based and can communicate only through the communication interfaces and suffer from higher losses and lack of dynamics due to static on and off based on preconfigured power hysteresis. Especially in safety-relevant systems, the simple shutdown can lead to enormous security gaps or chaos scenarios, which avoids the OPT procedure on intelligent and dynamic power regulation and distribution based on prioritization. By custom, customizable versions of the modules, maximum energy savings at low investment costs can be achieved.

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We develop, manufacture and market devices and systems for energy management and digital networking through central control units in the Industry 4.0 and IoT sectors.
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