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Products - cells therapy with native red blood cells and red blood cells for drug delivery alongside recombinant Plasma Protein therapeutics.

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Cell & Gene Therapy will shape the future of medicine, when novel technologies proceed beyond the primary goals of safety and efficacy. Uneconomical manufacturing represents a major roadblock to the sustainable commercialisation of cellular products.

Is it a ridiculous idea to improve care and reduce cost while implementing highly disruptive healthcare technology? Rius Medical has the solution.


Creation of Value within 2 years through a platform technology for FIVE assets being proprietary cell lines for drug delivery, worth 130 million euro upfront payment/revenue at 3 years.

Multiple partnership opportunities at 3 years following initial investment through out-licensing that bring subsequent milestones payment/revenue.

Re-invent blood transfusion with ready-to-use, off-the-shelf enhanced red blood cells, doing more than simply carry Oxygen as cargo.

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Rius Medical
An EXIT opportunity at 3 years for early investors resulting in EUR 54 million financial benefit for FIVE products, if not EUR 10,5 million financial benefit for TWO products.