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We offer a variety of software and hardware which target all kind of verticals. They are "For Free" or "Pay Per Use".

IT and Communications

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Retail / E-Commerce



We take public available (free) data and combine it, so that it generates a lot of value - basically the same as the extraction and refinery of oil.

We can tell, where it makes sense to open a new store (e.g. of a online pure playe) and what the customers are interested in existing stores. Therefore we are a mix of Google, Facebook and Alibaba for the real world. (#bigdata / #adtech / #proptech)


We gain insights in the real world, which a lot of "pure offline players" do NOT have at the moment.

We offer products for free, where we are even able to give money, and the only currency is "knowledge about the customer".

It is proprietary technology not available at the market otherwise, eventhough everything is based on industry standards.

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OmniMundus DE GmbH

OmniMundus is the worlds first Offline Data Provider (ODP).
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