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Our collaborative IoT development studio Reswarm and data science platform Repods bring the specialists of your organization together to create IoT and data science solutions with a maximum of independence.

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Record Evolution GmbH is a Data Science and IoT startup covering the areas of machine learning, statistics, Big Data and cloud solutions, as well as edge computing. Our team of data engineers and data scientists seamlessly combines expertise in IT architectures and programming know-how with statistical and technical competencies to focus on highly customized product strategies.

Building on years of experience in data warehousing, in 2018 Record Evolution launched the first version of the Data Science Platform Repods. As a collaborative SaaS platform for data analytics, Repods covers the entire data journey starting with data collected from various sources and formats, through data transformation and modeling, all the way to reporting and data visualization.

In early 2020, the company made another release, the IoT Development Studio Reswarm. Equally a collaborative SaaS platform, Reswarm brings together the specialists of an organization - from engineers to data scientists.


We bring IoT and Data Science together on a flexible, open SaaS platform. This enables us to empower our customers to develop their own IoT solutions and benefit from synergies through collaboration.

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