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Targospehere nano platform - for improved prophylactic and therapeutic approaches for diseases with high medical need.

Targobiotics for the treatment of intracellular bacterial infections and

Targovir for the treatment of catastrophic viral diseases

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The problem: with today's forms of administration, active substances do not reach those cells that need to be reached intentionally and specifically. The consequences: insufficient effect, unwanted side effects, premature degradation and inactivation of the active ingredient by our immune system. This does not make therapies as efficient as they could be. Novel and forward-looking active substances in particular cannot be used without transport support because they do not reach their target in sufficient quantities. Thus, medicine loses many therapeutic options.

Rodo's Bio Targets solution - TargoSpheres - are tiny nanotransporters that carry so-called targeting ligands on their surface. Active substances packaged in them are protected from the patient's degradation and defence mechanisms. Conversely, cells, tissues and organs that should not come into contact with the active ingredient are also protected. Targospheres target only the disease-relevant cells.

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Rodos Bio Target
Development of novel therapies for infectious, autoimmune and oncological diseases using immune cell-specific targeting.