Seawater Cubes


We developed a sustainable and fully-automated fish farm to produce high quality marine fish on land and to cover the regional demand. In addition to the cube, we offer technical service, marketing & sales support and delivery with raw materials.

Landwirtschaft & Forstwirtschaft





We are a interdisciplinary German university spin-off and developed the SEAWATER Cube within a EXIST transfer of research project. Our innovation is the first, patented, fully-automated aquaculture system for green, localized and scalable protein supply. Our passion is the marketing of our regionally produced fish and the contribution to a more sustainable consumer behavior. To enter the market, we plan to set up a franchise system and sell fish farming as a business model. To implement the first pilot-plants in 2021, we seek further investment towards the end of 2020.


The SEAWATER Cube is a decentralised and sustainable plug-and-play fish farm with low space constraints. It is equipped with a model-based and automated software, operating the production cycle 24|7. The sophisticated filters in our Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) are purifiying 99% of the process water.

Our Cube is:

PROJECTABLE: Standardization of the product helps you to know what you get (cost & delivery time)

ONE DAY BUILD UP: Pre-assembly enables easy & fast installation at your site

CLEAN PRODUCTION: Sophisticated filter system provides you with pure fish quality and taste

MANAGEABLE SIZE: Compact design makes it fit where space is limited

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Seawater Cubes

Die Entwicklung einer standardisierten Fischzuchtanlage.