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Secufy is committed to your personal safety. We provide extensive experience in GPS alerts, wearable hardware technology and IoT connectivity.

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Secufy is your personal peace of mind and SOS alert in an emergency situaton. Inform up to three of your contacts immediately. Unlike other safety devices, Secufy has stand-alone connectivity and only communicates with GPS systems when activated, rather than tracking your every move. Secufy is small enough for everyone to take with them and it doesn't need to be paired with a phone.


Versatile Wearability: A wrist and necklace option will be available with each Secufy or you can clip it to key rings or bags to bring with you anywhere.

Costing less than 10% of a traditional home monitoring set up and working both indoors and outdoors, dust- and waterproof.

Working through Sigfox or GSM connectivity, Secufy connects with its servers without a phone or base.

While the battery lasts several months, Secufy lets you know when it needs to be on wireless charger.

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Secufy GmbH
Secufy is a personal SOS Button. When pressed three times, the portable button sends an alert to your selected contacts, informing them of your location.
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