Die Zukunft gestalten - Wir produzieren Dünnfilm-Elektronik
  • Industrielle & grundlegende Materialien
  • Startup-Phase
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  • B2B
  • 2016
  • n/a
  • Existiert
  • Berlin, DE
  • Stack-Tec GmbH

Über die Firma

Stack-Tec specializes in the optimization of energy systems.

The heart of the company is the production of highly-efficient thin film coatings with different physical properties and functions, e.g. energy-generating and -storing, lighting, heating and cooling.

Our portfolio ranges from highly efficient single layer devices up to multi-junction devices. For areas where energy has a relevant financial influence on businesses and markets, our products will provide a crucial competitive advantage.

The products are specifically configured to help save energy costs,

provide additional functions and increase the efficiency and the level

of autarchy.


Marc Anger Geschäftsführer
since 2016
Sebastian Lorenz Geschäftsführer
since 2021

Nachrichten über Stack-Tec

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