The Personnel Selection Tool


Digital intelligence for your hiring decision. Create all your instruments online and finely tuned; fast, easy and professional. There is no need to download softwar - simply get started.

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Finding employees is a real challenge, and also expensive. It is even more expensive to employ the wrong person. The personnel selection tool makes it easy to make the right choice. Decision-makers effortlessly create all instruments in the tool, including evaluation scales, so they can make their selections quickly, accurately and fairly. Full German and English software version available.


Smart, not hype: software product based on scientifically validated approach. Selection based on personality, not competencies: different personalities show necessary competencies.

Data-driven tool and proven expertise : hundreds of competency-based profiles evaluated.

Provides digital tools to streamline the selection process.

AI vision by experts stands up to critical scrutiny.

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The Personnel Selection Tool

Neue Leute einstellen? Setze auf Qualität bei der Personalauswahl. Wir helfen dir, die richtige Wahl zu treffen - einfach und systematisch.
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