TURNIERlive speeds up tournament planning, makes it more convenient and takes the tournament experience for participants and spectators with innovative features to a whole new level.

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With TURNIERlive, the time is over when match schedules, groups and teams have to be planned on paper or with Excel. We developed TURNIERlive with the belief that a comfortable tournament management is an important component for a successful tournament. Our live functions offer the possibility to publish tournaments and display them on any display you want - from smartphones to big screens or implement the tournament just into your website. TURNIERlive not only impresses the organizers and helpers of the tournament, but also players and spectators. Try it out and convince yourself of the comfort and the numerous possibilities!

TURNIERlive currently supports the following sports: soccer, basketball, badminton, bowling, handball, beerpong and e-sports.

TURNIERlive Team Members

  • Validierte Teammitglieder auf der Startbase
  • Eingetragen in einem deutschen Handelsregister
  • Hauptquartier in Deutschland
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Verwaltung von Clubturnieren live und online.