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Webservice for smartphones, tablets desktops and public displays, with all kind of content by users and officials.

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There is an overflow of information from many different channels, but it is almost impossible, to find official, helpfull and interesting infos about our surroundings, the place we live in. So many hidden secrets, nobody knows about. On the other hand, there are so many possible informants which could tell and report them. WHALT is the tool, to bring these two together in a totally new way.


A System enabling private, business and official users to publish their information with 3 clicks

Content by users, verification by experts.

Activating potential informants to spread their knowledge easily

Universal tool for official and business content, running on all devices for free

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WHALT is THE regional information medium of tomorrow. From people for the people, being locals or visitors. Worldwide.
  • 2019
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  • Project by Gabee GmbH
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  • Stuttgart, DE