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Our telemedicine system enables home-monitoring of Parkinson's patients, using a proprietary software, for the purpose of medication-adjustment in Germany & personalized physiotherapy in India.

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Alpha-Telemed AG is a Berlin-based company specializing in telemedicine solutions for home-monitoring of Parkinson's patients. We are presently in the early phases of expanding to India, where we focus on tele-health and physiotherapy, also for Parkinson's patients.


Patients are provided healthcare-improvements at home, avoiding 30-day stays in hospitals for medication-adjustment.

Doctors are relieved of large work-burdens and are not required to be present when the patient carries out movements using our system.

Health insurance providers save between 950 - 2700 € per patient, every 2 years!

The adaptation of this concept as planned for India is the first-of-its-kind and has been welcomed warmly by over 110 patients with whom we have already interacted.

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Alpha-Telemed AG

Tele-Gesundheitssysteme für Parkinson-Patienten - in Deutschland und in Indien
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