A project, a journey, an experience, a love story… everything starts with a Day One, and every day one is empowered with enthusiasm, hope, vision, and passion. We are there to nourish this energy, especially for those who want to change the world with their innovations.

Day One has the ambition to make it possible and accelerate the development and market access of innovative ideas, products, processes, and whatever can have an impact on our personal or professional life.

We do this working shoulder to shoulder with researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, start-uppers, crazy inventors, fully embracing the Open Innovation philosophy.

Our doors are open to everybody, who have access to a full range of services to understand the potential of a new idea, to discover the enterprises which can benefit from it, and to find private and public investors ready to financially support the product development.

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Day One

Day One is the Open Innovation Lab that helps european innovators and startups to launch the most disruptive technologies on the market.
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