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Our software links internal data of the customer with external (geo-)data sources, such as map services, traffic data, social media, or demographics (800+ geo-features in total).

Automotive, Logistics & Mobility

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Geospin is a young company that employs a team of highly qualified data scientists and developers. It offers location intelligence software solutions with a focus on geo machine learning. Geospin was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of the Smart City research group of the University of Freiburg.

Over several years, we have developed and validated geo-analytics methods.


Geospin applies advanced machine learning methods for the analysis of vast amounts of geo-data. Geospin offers unique and innovative state-of-the-art big data analytics. The technology was awarded repeatedly by the international research community. The use of geo-deep-learning with the possibility to make predictions (not only actual state analysis), transferability and expertise set Geospin apart from its competitors.

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Millionen für Freiburger Big-Data-Startup Geospin

Das Spinoff will Unternehmen helfen, ihre Produkte besser auf die Kunden auszurichten. Dafür wertet Geospin große Datenmengen aus der Umgebung aus.

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Geospin: Software-Start-up für Standortanalysen erhält Millionenfinanzierung

Das Spinoff der Uni Freiburg nutzt verschiedenste Geodaten, um optimale Standorte etwa für Ladestationen oder Bankfilialen zu ermitteln.

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Geospin turns your data into prognoses and answers the questions of WHERE, WHEN and WHY demand can be expected.
  • 2016
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