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The Spoonie choc is made out of fibres of the shell of the cocoa bean. These are full of dietary fibres and natural cocoa taste. It is vegan and gluten-free. The Spoonie classic is available since 2020 and made out of oat husk.

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Spoontainable developed the first edible and sustainable ice cream spoon made out of organic residuals. We use fibres of the shell of the cocoa or of the oat husk in order to create a sustainable circular economy.


By using leftovers from the food industry we are focusing two problems. Compared to competitors we are the only ones using leftovers from the food industry. Therefore we are providing a truly sustainable plastic alternative in order to stop single use plastic. Our spoons are more than 60 minutes stable in cold desserts and can be eaten afterwards. Right now we have two different flavours, which replaced 1 Million plastic spoons already.

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We provide sustainable plastic alternatives and want to show how simple and easy a sustainable lifestyle can be.