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Our marker is a chitosan based tube, chemically modified for imaging. It is a consumable injected by radiologist to mark lesions in the breast after biopsy and/or prior to neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

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SurgMark’s biopsy marker will become a standard diagnostic process, to mark breast cancer lesions prior to neoadjuvant therapy and surgery.

Our marker hits a growing market (CAGR 10%) with a volume of ~100 M $. FDA approval will be in 2021, sales in US starts in January 2022. Term sheet and LOI negotiations with strategic partners are ongoing. We are raising 950k EUR; closing is December 2019.


Biocompatible, fully resorbable and flexible material, pain free for patient.

Immediate ultrasound visibility and excellent visibility with all standard imaging technologies.

Simple placement with conventional applicators. Marker doesn't stick to needle, yet quickly hydrates in tissue and adheres.

Marker can easily be removed through vacuum biopsy and cut with microtome without damage

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SurgMark GmbH

SurgMark develops and distributes novel, chitosan based, tissue markers for diagnosis and care of breast cancer and other tumor diseases.
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