WIESEMANN 1893 / startup von Breckerfeld / Background


Digitale Werkzeug-Marke mit Online Shop und 3D-Druck.
  • Andere
  • Wachstumsphase
  • Einzelhandel / E-Commerce
  • B2B2C
  • 2017
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Existiert
  • Breckerfeld, DE
  • wiesemann1893.com
  • THE Fabelhaft Group GmbH

Über die Firma

WIESEMANN 1893 is the digital tool brand for a new generation of makers - the Creators of Tomorrow. It stands for traditional German quality with modern online distribution and solutions for additive manufacturing.

WIESEMANN 1893 funding

Über das Produkt

We produce screwing, impact and cutting tools as well as special tools for the automotive industry. Moreover, we are the first tool brand to provide a solution for additive manufacturing. For that matter, we currently offer accessories such as wall holders for our tools with ENABLE 3D. All products are fully virtual and can be downloaded for 3D printing.


Manuel Siskowski Geschäftsführer
since 2017


2015 - 2017
1 years, 10 months
Fabian Fuhrmann

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