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Business Banking Plattform, welche alle Bankkonten zu einer Übersicht zusammenführt.
  • IT und Kommunikation
  • Seed Stage
  • SaaS
  • B2B
  • 2021
  • 11-50 Mitarbeiter
  • Nicht gefunden
  • Berlin, DE
  • Airlabs UG

Über die Firma

Airbank is the unified business banking platform that aggregates existing bank accounts into a modern all-in-one solution for more control, visibility, and automation in modern finance teams.

Über das Produkt

Every day, 50 million SEPA payments are sent in Germany alone. And every day, thousands of finance professionals try to make sense of those payments, asking what they were, why they happened, and how to book them.

We built Airbank because SMBs need more simplicity and better control when it comes to managing their finances. Bank accounts are the center of financial workflows—everything runs through them to make payments and manage cash flows.

Airbank reimagines how businesses interact with their bank accounts and capture value through them. Airbank is the banking partner for startups and SMBs.

We are a small team of engineers, product nerds and market developers who unite around the same goal of simplifying business finances. We are a multicultural and multidisciplinary company with the ambition to change how banking works.

Airbank was founded by Chris Zemina, a former fintech VC, and Patrick de Castro Neuhaus, an expert in financial technologies. Both of them personally experienced the pain of managing bank accounts and finances, from small family businesses to corporates.

Chris Zemina was a principal at Speedinvest and led 10 fintech investments, sat on the board of Bnext, a Spanish neo bank, and ready2order, a merchant payment solution. He has also invested in Khatabook and BukuKas, both companies that are solving manual payables and receivables processes for merchants in emerging markets.

Patrick de Castro Neuhaus, a second-time co-founder, started as an engineer at Siemens and then worked at Bain & Company's analytics cohort where he built corporate fintech ventures for the largest banks around the world.

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