Beagle Systems


Sale/Lease of Unmanned Aircraft for Industrial Inspection (Power Line, Pipeline, Railroad) & Transport (5kg)

Automobil, Logistik & Mobilität





Beagle Systems develops, manufactures and sells unmanned airplanes. They're used for linear infrastructure inspection (railroads/powerlines/pipelines) as well as for the transportation of goods up to 5kg/11lbs. A new type of drive system (patent pending) enables flights in harsh weather conditions. Obstacle avoidance and no free spinning propellers improve the safety of the worker. 100km /60mi in


Autonomous Flight Capability (no line of sight necessary) + Obstacle Avoidance

Extremely compact and safe through innovative drive system (Patent Pending)

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Beagle Systems

Autonomes unbemanntes Flugzeug - 100km + 5kg Nutzlast, BVLOS & VTOL. Für Inspektion & Transport
  • 2019
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
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  • Hamburg, DE