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Ermöglicht es Lebensmittelherstellern, den Endkunden Einblicke in die Herkunft und nachhaltige Lieferketten ihrer Lebensmittel zu zeigen.
  • Ernährung & Verbrauchsmaterial
  • Startup-Phase
  • SaaS
  • B2B
  • 2020
  • 1-10 Mitarbeiter
  • Existiert
  • Berlin, DE
  • seedtrace GmbH

Über die Firma

Our goal is to make sustainable consumption the norm - rather than the exception. We envision a future in which every product can be traced back to its roots. Where the people making the products we consume do profit from their work.

Über das Produkt

the seedtrace platform is a digital platform that enables companies to understand, prove and communicate the social and ecological impact of their products. See a Demo here

The first seed of seedtrace was planted in Africa by our CEO Katharina Davids. Passionate and determined to drive change, she was looking for impact-driven farms to export a healing plant called Moringa. Inspired by the people she met along the way and the great pride these farmers took in their sustainable production processes and opportunities created for their communities, she discovered an overarching problem. All of them - and many more around the world - are lacking the tools to actually tell the full story of their products. To enable similar farms at scale, a technological solution was needed and the idea of seedtrace was born.


Emma Banck Marketing Manager
Ana Selina Haberbosch Founder
Katharina Elisa Davids Founder

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